Digital marketing tools are worth £1bn, study says

The number of digital marketers in the UK has increased by 40% in the past three years, according to a study published today.

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The findings by the UK Digital Marketing Association (UKDA) show that digital marketers made an estimated £1.8bn in sales in 2017.

The figures are down from £2.2bn in 2016, but the rise has come as digital marketing has become increasingly important for businesses.

“The UK is a leading destination for digital marketing, and the UKDA has published a report to highlight the impact of digital marketing on businesses,” said the UK’s chief executive, John Daley.

“Digital marketing is essential for businesses and their employees to understand and respond to their customer’s needs.

The UKDA report shows that digital marketing helps businesses and employees understand and manage customer needs better, whilst driving better sales and customer retention.”

The UKDA said the growth in digital marketing spending has been driven by a combination of higher spending by individuals, a surge in online advertising spending, and a number of companies adopting digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing spending is also up by more than a third from the previous year, but this is down from an estimated 12% growth in 2016.

The study, published in the latest edition of the UK Magazine, looked at digital marketing contracts, digital advertising contracts, and sales data from online advertising agencies, publishers, and publishers and marketers to predict the future growth of digital advertising spending.

Digital advertising spending is expected to reach £17.9bn by 2019, according the report.

It is expected that this spending will be spent by consumers across all sectors of the economy.

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