What to know about integrated digital advertising from Google

Google is planning to launch a new integrated digital media strategy with its partners, including Facebook and Twitter. 

The move is designed to enable brands to target audiences that have previously been excluded from Google’s traditional online advertising and to expand their reach and reach-to-target metrics across the web.

“We’re looking at a completely new digital strategy, one that is fundamentally different from what we’ve done for the past several years, and it will make it easier for advertisers to reach and target audiences across all devices and platforms,” said Mark Gurman, vice president of advertising strategy for Google.

“The new strategy will be much more personalized, and will take advantage of the new ways advertisers interact with our users and content.”

“It will allow brands to better engage with audiences on mobile devices, and in particular with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as the new and emerging media landscape,” Gurman added.

“It’s also an important time to look at how we are delivering the best experiences for our customers on all of their devices, as we look to accelerate growth in that space.”

The strategy will also expand to mobile, with the company launching mobile advertising in the next few weeks.

Google’s advertising business is worth over $1 trillion, according to Forbes.

Google is also planning to expand its existing advertising platform, AdWords, to more than 200 million customers.

Google has also said it will also roll out new video advertising, a feature that has been largely missing from the internet for some time.

Google recently rolled out its new Google TV platform and launched Google Play TV last year.

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