How to build an ‘all-in’ digital marketing campaign: A guide

By Laura G. PomerantzDigital marketing is the new advertising, and companies are trying to find new ways to capitalize on that.

The problem is that digital marketing is inherently difficult and it’s not a skill that any one brand can master, experts say.

Here are five digital marketing hacks that can help you become a digital marketing ninja.1.

Start by creating an online landing page that is a step away from the homepage.

It should have a clear, short description of your company and a link to your product or service.

For example, if you’re a travel company that specializes in hotel bookings, your landing page should say, “Book now from one of our hotels, we guarantee a booking.”2.

Build an email list to promote your business.

Your customers will get to know your company better by following up with questions, so you can offer them a more personalized service.

Create an email signup form that allows customers to add you to their email list.3.

Use an email marketing strategy that works.

A well-designed landing page, a short description and a strong call-to-action will help visitors find what you offer.4.

Use a personalized email campaign.

Email campaigns can be great at reaching your target audience and building trust with them.

For instance, if your company’s goal is to help people reduce their spending, you can build a personalized message that focuses on how to do it.5.

Use social media to build your brand.

For digital marketers, it’s important to understand how to use social media channels to reach people.

For starters, use social icons and hashtags to identify your social media posts, and then, when you’re ready to share your content, use a unique URL to direct people to your website.

Follow these guidelines to create a memorable and informative message.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing and how to get started, read the full Digital Marketing 101 article.

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