Dafo Marketing: Digital Marketing Milwaukee is the Next Milwaukee!

Dafon Marketing is a digital marketing agency that has been providing digital marketing to Milwaukee County Milwaukee for more than a decade.

The company has been around since 2007, when Milwaukee’s Chamber of Commerce partnered with Dafol Marketing to launch a local marketing agency.

The Milwaukee-based agency’s website lists over 25,000 locations and a team of more than 150 full-time employees, with an additional 25 employees working part-time.

The agency has been expanding rapidly since its inception, with more than 15,000 people using its services each month.

Dafonts success is thanks in part to the fact that the company has a team dedicated to building a digital presence.

DAFo Marketing has been recognized by Business Insider for its success in the Milwaukee area.

The group’s mission statement is “to create a digital product, service or opportunity for Milwaukee’s citizens and businesses.”

The group has more than 40 clients in the city, and is currently in the process of expanding its business to more of Milwaukee County.

The organization has a strong focus on engaging with local residents, businesses and government officials.

The Dafons success comes as Milwaukee is gearing up to celebrate the start of the summer, with the start and completion of the Summer Olympics, and the Milwaukee Bucks season opener.

Daphne O’Toole, the director of communications for the Chamber of Business of Milwaukee, said that Milwaukee’s businesses and residents are a big draw for the group.

“We are excited to be able to work with such a talented, dynamic and enthusiastic team to serve Milwaukee and the entire state,” she said.

“We look forward to working with DAFon Marketing in the years to come.”

The Milwaukee Chamber of Commissions, Milwaukee’s city government, is in the middle of a $7 billion project to build a new arena for the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Bucks and Dafos are both part of the project.

DFO also provides services to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, and state Sen. John Bohdan.

Abele said the company’s presence in the state is “important for us to be a part of this project, and to be in the business of making sure we have an engaged, knowledgeable, creative and committed community that wants to participate in the future.”

Dafon, who was hired by Barrett as part of a public relations partnership, will continue to work on the Bucks’ marketing efforts and assist with the Milwaukee Chamber’s marketing efforts.

“Our relationship with Milwaukee is important for the city of Milwaukee to continue to be recognized as a top destination for the Bucks and the state of Wisconsin,” said O’Dell, who has also worked for the Brewers.

“Dafont will be a vital part of our marketing efforts, and we look forward for them to be part of future marketing efforts for Milwaukee and Wisconsin.”

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