How did Eddy Seaman become an NHL GM?

NHL Players’ Association Executive Director Bob McKenzie recently revealed that Seaman was a key part of the league’s digital strategy, including on digital marketing.

Seaman, who also worked at the NHL’s parent company, Electronic Arts, said that he helped the league “transform our marketing efforts into digital tools and platforms that we can use for the long-term success of our franchises.”

The goal of Seaman’s role was to build a digital team that would “be responsible for building our brand, and then have a say in how that brand and brand is used.”

He also said that the league had to “do a better job of communicating the value we provide to the fans and players,” and that this was the foundation for digital marketing efforts.

While he said the league wasn’t looking to do more, he said that “it’s not just a matter of making more revenue for us.

We have to create a product that works for all of our players and fans.”

The NHL has a long history of digital marketing initiatives.

In 2011, it launched its first NHL Player’s Digital Network.

This year, it’s set to expand its digital strategy even further.

In February, it announced that it would expand digital advertising through the NHL Players Digital Network to include digital products and services like player-specific content, video content, and digital products, such as, as well as other NHL-related content.

The league’s first foray into the NHL Digital Network, which it launched in 2013, was designed to connect fans and the team to the league via social and video media.

This partnership allowed fans to watch and engage with the team and its players via social media platforms.

After a brief time, the partnership was split into two.

The NHLPA announced in 2016 that it planned to continue the partnership and expand it to include other media outlets and other partners.

Seeman’s role in this expansion included the creation of digital products for the players, which included,, and

These products would provide the league with “a broad, digital portfolio of digital tools, content, information, and other resources to connect our players to the game, the players’ communities, and the NHL community,” he said.

These digital tools would allow the NHL to reach players via their social media accounts, through other NHL.TV partners, and through other platforms, such in-game, and on-the-go.

In a statement to the media, Seaman said the NHLPA would continue to develop digital products that “provide the most engaging experiences for our fans.”

He added that the NHL would also continue to provide digital tools for its fans to “create engaging content” on the site, as “we look to build the platform into a platform that will deliver even more value to our fans and partners.”

In addition to the new digital initiative, the NHL also announced it would add “a series of digital initiatives, including a new platform that allows players to create their own content that will help build their brand and help connect them with their fans.”

This new platform, called the NHL Player Digital Network (PND), will provide “a wide range of digital resources and tools” to NHL players, including player content, player-themed content, the team’s official Twitter account, NHL-branded content, on-ice and off-ice content, as the NHL sees fit, and social media and other digital resources.

According to the NHL, PND will help players “develop their online presence and connect with their fan base.”

This includes “a platform for the player and team to share player content through the PND and on social media; tools for player teams to interact with fans; and tools to create content that is targeted to the fan base and engage fans on their favorite social media channels.”

The PND also will allow players to “post and engage in content on the PNC, as we continue to expand the platform.”

The league said that this new platform will be “the first step in bringing our players’ content to a larger audience.”

It added that it will continue to partner with “the industry leaders in digital marketing.”

The new platform also will include a platform for players to post and engage on social platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

NHL.NET, which was launched in 2014, was originally designed to “provides the platform for all players and teams to connect with fans, and to provide access to all player content and content on NHL.CA and NHL Media platforms.”

NHL.TSN, which launched in 2017, is also a new digital platform that has been designed to bring fans and other players closer together, as NHLs “media partners, including the NHL Network, Hockey Operations, NHL Digital, and NBC Sports Digital.”

NHL’s digital media partners include the NHL and NBC, NBC Sports, NHL Network and

“The new NHL Player digital platform and

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